How to use your cake topper

Please store your cake topper in the grip seal bag and board backed envelope provided and away from any extremes of temperature or high humidity until you are ready to use it. Your topper will keep fresh for 6 months, so they are great for planning ahead!

 Have a plain iced cake ready. Cake toppers will work on almost any type of cake covering, including buttercream, glace icing and fondant icing.

The icing on your cake should not be dry or crusted. If it does become dry, apply a fine mist of water onto the surface of your cake before applying your topper.

Ensure your hands are completely dry and remove the icing sheet from the grip seal bag. You may notice a sweet, delicate smell of vanilla as you open the bag.
Toppers are very easy to use. Just simply peel the plastic backing sheet away from your topper and cut around with a pair of scissors.
This is easy to do and only takes a minute.
If you have selected the topper cutting service, your topper will be cut out on the icing sheet for you. Just simply peel off the sheet and stick to your cakes! Easy!
 Next, lay your topper onto your cake, by holding the topper in both hands and placing the middle of the topper onto the cake first, and then the edges. If any bubbles or wrinkles appear, gently pat them out with your finger.

An easy to follow instruction sheet will be sent to you with your topper.